Who Is Your Favorite President And Why

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Just because you aren’t technically old enough to cast your vote in a ballot box, doesn’t mean you automatically have no voice in the democratic process.  As long as an individual is mature enough to develop well thought out judgments on political issues, there is no prerequisite age to make a difference.  


Here are just a few ways you can make a difference in months leading up to election day.


Every young person has ample training at talking on the phone. Well, making phone calls is just one of many important tasks that running a successful political campaign requires. Similar activities may include stuffing envelopes, handing out fliers/t-shirts/goodies, putting up signs and recruiting other volunteers.

Don’t expect to walk into any major administrative role, but every contribution counts on the campaign trail, just like every vote counts toward each candidate’s total. Don’t think presidential campaigns are the only ones requiring work either. Local and state government officials also need help and are more likely to let competent high school students get involved.


Even if you can’t contribute your time due to a demanding course load or heavy schedule of extra-curricular activities, cash donations are equally well received. Understandably, Mediacom, most teens have less discretionary income as they are yet to enter the full-time workforce, however even the smallest of financial contributions fall into very appreciative hands. If you feel as though contributing to a national campaign would be like dropping water into the ocean, consider contributing on an individual cause basis, directly supporting issues that may go underfunded.


The power of the written word goes beyond the boundaries of age. Whether its letters to congressmen, local politicians or newspaper editors, inspired young voices are beacons of hope and joy to any aging adult’s ears. Particularly in a time in which many teenagers seem more concerned with reality television than real world issues (not MTV’s Real World), a impassioned teenage mind is a refreshing change of pace. Not to mention, if you are a grammatically sound scribe with equally impressive analytical skills and a strong writing voice, your words are likely to make an even more profound impact, as people of all ages are naturally drawn to young talent and inclined to show it off in public forums.