Tell Your Neighbors And Friends About Elections

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Voting’s such a hassle. You have to haul yourself out to a polling place, mess around with IDs. It’s not a surprise that many people simply don’t bother. And some people live under rocks and seem to manage to forget that election time is here again. Of course, others may have difficulty with their jobs or their young children.

Still, we don’t need to have ‘democracy’ defined as ‘the rule of the minority who bother to vote’. The higher the voter turnout, the better the quality of the election. Anyone who believes in democracy as a system, who believes in the universal franchise, has a responsibility to encourage other people to get to the polls. Nagging your friends and neighbors about the upcoming election might seem to be an annoying thing to do – but you are really protecting their rights. Some people might make a case that, well, if somebody can’t be bothered to vote, why care?

The true goal, though, is for everyone to vote. Encourage people, remind them how important it is. Wear your ‘I voted’ sticker with pride. You can always point out that if somebody doesn’t vote, they can’t complain about the politicians they get.