Student Body Government Is Great Experience

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Student Body Government or student council is an extra-curricular activity or club that helps students who are interested in politics learn about the democratic process in a fun, structured environment. Joining this group is a great way to help students develop their leadership skills as well as learn how to interact with faculty and staff on behalf of the student population. It loosely mimics government in that way, because elected government officials represent the citizens in their district so does student government officials. There is an election process where hopefuls campaign, much in the same way elected government officials do and an election is held where a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms, and fundraising officer are selected from the pool of candidates.

Members of the Student Body Government learn teamwork as they share share the interests, ideas, and concerns of the student body to teachers and staff. They are the mouthpiece of the students. Many members develop friendships with people who share similar goals and ideas and they have the opportunity to learn from others who have divergent ideas as well. It is not all work, it can be a really fun experience in that you have the opportunity to take trips to regional seminars and workshops as well as create and organize many fundraising activities like bake sales and car washes.