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We’re all unique we don’t think we are the point is a seven most seventeen mhm eighteen year olds just haven’t thought about how they’re unique yep and I think listen to all to audience we get this consistently that’s something that we can certainly help you with in terms of bringing out your own unique voice that’d be one more thing that you know we’ve got a variety of people so can you give us kind of your thinking in terms of if a child is in the twelfth grade versus the eleventh grade versus the tenth grade and frankly I I have started even hearing parents talk about you know how do we approach this in the ninth and eighth grade kind of the timeline.

And the process of thinking in each of those kind of grades let’s start with twelve since that’s the most critical at this point in terms of how to approach the essay yeah in terms of the timing you know given that we’re now in July or end of July frankly you know with admissions deadlines coming you know what we need to start to do to kind of be on track we’re seeing for students entering twelfth grade you know tomorrow morning when you wake up your name’s Alexis oh my no I mean that’s the reality most American students will start you know without question the summer before twelfth grade one school starts people are taking last-minute SATs people are visiting colleges people are doing taking you know what you still need to do well academically in your first semester even if you’re applying early admissions you’re still submitting grades you will go around to your teachers into your college counselor and you will still submit miss mr. gray so and everyone you know a lot of people are taking a advanced classes and they have all their extracurriculars so the summer is a key time to take advantage.

And if you’re going into twelfth grade really tomorrow is when you want to start in terms of overall when a student should start thinking about not the college process but the essay yeah I actually think that it’s premature to start thinking of you to start thinking about the essay itself before the end of 11th grade and I’ll tell you why what you do want to think about in eighth and ninth grade is the bigger picture what classes are you taking what extracurricular activities are you engaging in what sports are you playing what instrument you want to start playing well community service how are you spending your summers these are all the experiences a that are essential to the application process and B are going to inform your life experiences and your identity which will then provide the material for about which you will be writing so quite frankly I think it’s a disadvantage to think about writing before the end of your 11th year because you’re not mature enough this is already an impossible you know a challenge.