Problem Solving In Your Report

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The first thing when you write a document is why are you going to write a document so and these should always have this kind of Y in mind Y is a pretty important keyword here so in general the the aim of writing a paper should always be to document the research findings that you generated that means what kind of good ideas you had to come up with a solution or new solution to an existing problem or a new solution to a new problem and the result that your approach will’t or how well does your approach perform on this type of problem so that you document first for yourself or for your supervisor what you have done and the second thing is to allow other people to replicate your results because there’s also important part of Sciences that you’re not the only one who can solve this thing a problem. More articles on problem solving at Edusson.

But you want to give tools to other people so that they’re able to solve that problem as well so that’s important to document your findings and also to communicate with colleagues because what typically happens you write a paper you submit a paper to conference someone else is reading that or maybe you put your thesis your best let’s use on your own website someone’s downloading saying hey there’s something interested in there and a problem that I’m also addressing and then this person will come in contact with you or you meet them at conference at other events and this is kind of a basis for a lot of discussions in their interaction with other people so without having written such a document you will not have that many scientific discussions in with colleagues often say in the same field okay so what is the potential impact that a paper can have so what’s kind of what changes when you write a paper.

So the first thing is you add something to science so you have a new solution to a new problem and this typically increases your reputation so people will recognize that and kind of the reputation level increases with hopefully paper by paper also if you write a really bad paper it actually can give some negative points on this reputation scale why it’s in general important in academia the first thing is it typically gives you better chances to get funding so if you have proven that you did good research it’s easier to get funding for new research there can be positions as then genetic after this can be positions if you’re planning to do a PhD or this calls as well if you leave academia and work towards industry and industrial companies who are research oriented have an interest in having a person that is able to solve a certain kind of problem so it actually increases or gives you better job opportunities but always be aware if you write really bad documents that’s something which can harm you in the long run.