What Makes a Strong Paragraph

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Communication is important now while this is true a lot similar to the the studying is difficult it’s too it’s too broad of a sentence there’s too much to say about communication in one paragraph so you have to get more specific so I would say this one simply is just too broad and that’s all you have to do right now just go through if it’s weak tell me why and if it’s strong you can just put correct or put a happy face or a unicorn or whatever you like next to it to indicate that it’s that it’s good okay and again while you’re doing that feel free to put your answers in the chat and Layne will put some of your answers up here on the screen and then we’ll discuss them together as a big group okay so get to work on that take two or three minutes and go through and and identify the strong and the weak topic sentences.

And then we’ll go over it together you all right everybody let’s let’s go over some of these together all right I see some of your answers have been put into the document here let’s let’s talk about them together eh we already did okay be one of my most wonderful childhood memories now we got an answering there from Marisa but it looks like it might be number four number one I’m not I’m not sure but that’s okay thanks Marisa for the answer if you said as definitely it’s a weak topic sentence you are definitely correct I would say B the problem with this one is that it is incomplete okay so I’m going to put that well I’m going to remove that and here I say incomplete all right one of my most wonderful childhood memories this is just a subject with a prepositional phrase next to it and it’s an incomplete sentence okay so that’s not not a good topic sentence all right what about see this paragraph is about the increasing divorce rate.

By the end you’re correct it says announcing the topic you’re absolutely right good you don’t want to announce your topic or intentions don’t even put an exclamation point there awesome okay what about D also I should say guys while I’m going through these if you have any questions about why or anything that I’m saying again pop them in the end of the chat and I will try to answer as many of your questions as I can so D parents do not need to spend money in order to show they love their children so Claudia says it’s good blue guitar I think it’s a fact most appropriate sentence is D so Marissa I think that means you like you like D and I think I think you’re right then Claudia you’re right – I wish I wish this was a fact blue guitar 77 but unfortunately it’s not you could you could argue with it some people could say that spending money is a good way of showing your children you love them I I certainly disagree with that statement.